Works of a refined attitude. Not simply ‘making’, but creating! Creating from nothing with talent! Creating with passion, listening to the vibrations of places and the soul of materials! To do it with skill, by experimenting, by alchemical vocation, by aptitude for refinement! This is what Fineaptitude is: Architecture, Art and Quality Handicrafts! We want to give spaces a new identity or restore the one they already have! To make the essence of a unique relationship persist over time, which can exist between things and the place they occupy; because if it is the right one, it will always have the same charm, making us feel “at home” every time!

Fineaptitude is an online gallery of Art, Crafts and Architecture. A virtual space where you can find “projects” and objects. Italian works of art, handicraft and architecture of quality.

Fineaptitude is aimed at those who want a “place” where they can find what they are looking for and experience an emotion.

Whether it is “physical” or the simple instant in which the emotion is generated, it is where the soul finds itself and recognises itself. Because renovating a place or buying a work of art to embellish it means having the space in which to be and live that emotion, re-appropriating that place or that moment that we love and that truly completes us.

Fineaptitude offers personalised consultancy for the design, renovation and furnishing of spaces and buildings, through the sale and/or design and creation of furniture, furniture accessories, decorative works, and much more.  

Each space is designed to enhance its beauty and functionality. Some of the pieces can be designed and tailor-made, taking into account their destination (environment), with careful techniques and always using high quality materials.

Fineaptitude offers the possibility of purchasing individual high quality works (unique pieces or limited series) produced by Italian artists and artisans.