FINE APTITUDE: this is where it all began! First of all an idea, born from a professional experience, then a project, which took shape and gradually became clearer. We often generalise about Design, abusing the term, which is often perceived in a distorted and confused way, sacrificing the most important aspect of the matter, the “project”, that is what each shape has “behind” and “in” itself. Commonly referred to as Design, Architecture, Art and Craftsmanship are specific and apparently distant fields, but for us they interact in the countless possibilities of ideas that can become projects! What is Design for us? Architecture to live in, artefacts to use and objects to display. The difference is our way of conceiving, producing and using them. They are all unique pieces for us, where ‘unique’ does not mean not reproducible, but ‘yours’. It is what you have chosen, what has struck you, it is the result of unique, skilful and refined crafting. Fine Aptitude is the innate ability to create, the result of skilled and attentive hands, those hands that have a history and that speak of places and “identity”..

Salento? It is another starting point, but it is not the destination! It is the land of our roots and the cradle of our ‘character’, the privileged corner in which to stop and look beyond. Like a journey that promises surprises, in search of emotions and to bring back home, Fine Aptitude is a look “around us” with a forward momentum, towards all those similar places where Architecture, Art and Craftsmanship fascinate and attract us!