Partners of Fine Aptitude – Art, Architecture, Craftsmanship

Our partners are established national artists. Among them, also, emerging artists selected by us, which we are sure will amaze you!

Bruno Barillari

Bruno Barillari - Foto Profilo

Bruno Barillari


Photography is for him …. “A way out! Against conventions. He captures time (men’s worry), the only true reality which the soul dialogues and plays with.” He has published several works and held many exhibitions.

fra_carallo Francesca Carallo

Francesca Carallo


Carefully manipulated, papier-mâché has two souls: a new form that comes from tradition and lives again. “It is a soft, ductile material, apparently fragile, but strong at the same time (it resembles her!). “To create is to give emotions, but above all to feel them! It is a need, a destiny, because nothing happens by chance!

Renzo Buttazzo fotografia

Renzo Buttazzo


For him, Lecce stone is “sensuality, light and softness; it is the “red” of life, the pleasure of touching it. It is my character, the emptiness in the fullness that becomes Form. It is a companion, to be loved and hated, which helps to stop the sense experienced in a “visionary” moment. I stop and empty it. It follows me, moving along my curves to the rhythm of emotions, white on a “body” that has no edges, or black beyond its limits, challenging Physics and Time. Like a tireless lover moulded and tamed, it is a unique and universal message. An accomplice, because there is no boundary between Craftsmanship and Art, if what you do is what you feel, what you think and then … live!”.

Brizzo foto profilo


Indian ink is for him “research, daily discovery, a continuous experiment. It is the line that manages to express my feelings and my imagination. It does not represent, it “translates”, telling thoughts and making me be whoever I want to be. Birth, life and death: an essential parable, which I try to enhance, offering it in a new way to the eye of the beholder. This is my instinctive message, but without any claim to conviction. Because life cannot be explained, but lived, it is a journey that must be lived to the full, not wasted, from beginning to end.

Annalisa Surace - Foto Profilo

Annalisa Surace


“The loom is like an old piano that needs to be tuned in order to play; the fabrics and objects are the melody that we compose and listen to. It is the music, the one that moves us, through the tones, the texture and the colours. Each of my creations is the result of a project, made up of precise cuts, studied down to the smallest detail. It is a balance of lines and shapes, which does not neglect details but suggests a style. Because dressing is already BEING”.

Federico Primiceri Foto Profilo

Federico Primiceri


His jewellery is … “Architecture of forms that speak of emotions. Stories, felt and worn like precious seals, that stop time. Snapshots made of gold and stone, of precious metals mixed with small and large shell hearts. It is the suggestion of a moment or a place, where we find ourselves every day and which accompanies us forever”.

elena savini

Maria Elena Savini


Born in Bari in 1982, she lives and works in Conversano. She graduated and specialised in set design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari.
Her work and artistic career have gone hand in hand, and in 2003 she began to exhibit her photographs all over Italy and abroad, in institutional and other venues, reviewed by top art critics including Pietro Marino.
Competitions and exhibitions follow one another, accompanying her main work as a set designer and jewellery designer, which has taken place over the years between theatre and cinema.

Logo Kubico architettura degli interni agenzia di Lecce bianco e nero



The ideas that take shape in Kubico’s solutions are those of expert eyes and skilled hands, fruit
of attention and passion for details. What makes the environments unique, embellished with care and taste, is the ability to find the right balance between “Design functional to spaces” and “Aesthetics”.
It is a “beauty” that stands out as the hallmark of the brand and the indelible imprint of an identity. The projects, materials and designs, walls, coverings, tables and every piece of furniture are designed with the aim of creating places and things as true “atmospheres”. They are corners made to live your daily life, in a pleasant and comfortable way, with a touch of personality. If you are what your space is, then Kubico is the best project to make it happen!

Logo M.Vignati

Marinella Vignati


An artist of life first and foremost, because the first art remains the art of living and loving.
“For me, painting is more than a hobby, it is the art of living, the way of expressing what I feel, at the very moment I feel it. Inspiration gives rise to a universal language, through which I can speak in order to ‘say’ and ‘make feel’.

Massimo Maci – Enrica Marangio Progetto Rito


Massimo Maci – Enrica Marangio
Rito Project
Two strong personalities who have found in art and design the keystones to interpret reality in a unique and original way, linking it to tradition. Normality acquires an almost mystical meaning through the transformation of materials, right at the moment in which that “rite” takes place. Born by chance, from the encounter of different training paths and skills, RITO is the project started in 2017 by Massimo Maci and Enrica Marangio, first dedicated to jewellery and then extended to forniture accessories. The concept it started from is the idea of design as a means of giving shape to emotions, to that wellbeing that a lamp or a dish can give us, even if only by owning them or looking at them. “Home is the temple of life that makes us feel good … therefore objects are always useful, especially when they can make us feel the way we want to”. Hence the ability to make unique pieces, forged after careful research, experimenting with admirable blends and “fusions”.

Giovanni Korallo primo piano fotografia in bianco e nero

Giovanni Korallo


Art is emotion, a free impetus arising from the motions of the soul and living without necessarily seeking perfection. A defamer of obvious paradigms since the middle of the 1960s, when he founded the “Prisma” group together with his two closest friends, Bruno Leo and Salvatore Fanciano, he has always believed that the paintbrush is the best tool for bringing ideas to life; in a path that starts with abstract forms and then moves on to clean, more defined signs. His work stems from suggestions that first appear as “quick signs”, in the “matrix” paintings (those he calls “drafts” or “mothers”, where ideas are more alive and sincere), and then become sharp, clean forms, ready to let go.
And it is here that the doubt about the possible meanings of Art is revealed. What is the work?
“For me, the real work is the first. I often reject the identity of the second, because it is the result of a spitefulness. It is not difficult to dismiss a painting that one likes, but I believe that the original idea is no longer there. The form it takes in the end is the result of revenge; the beautiful copy, the lucid affirmation of my ability to paint, not the sincere and free expression of my true idea’.
Thus, each painting often has a meaning that goes beyond what is seen. It fits in with others, in a broader discourse, linked to a single thread. Spontaneous painting and sought-after painting, which declares itself, in any case, is a work of art!
The paintings for sale are “Drafts” of the original paintings.

Cristiano Pallara - Pittore e artista poliedrico

Cristiano Pallara


Painting is magic, it opens the consciousness to new worlds evoked by the images of “lateral thinking”. The eyes see and perceive what the Sign says, but the Sense is free.. to wander elsewhere!

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