Vista dall'alto scultura Adamo ed Eva
Adamo ed Eva – Coppa 3
18 October 2020
Lecce sognata in una notte di mezza estate Giovanni Korallo
Lecce sognata in una notte di mezza estate
27 April 2021

Adamo ed Eva (la realtà del quotidiano)


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The painting is part of a pictorial cycle dedicated to reality, a clarification of concepts asserted through the image that encourages reflection on everyday life. Viewed with the awareness of an eye attentive to the value of “Knowledge”, the vision ranges over the abstract dimension of a biblical scene whose elements, not by chance, draw on the past to discuss the modern. Adam and Eve, the tree with its red, fleshy fruit standing in contrast, the black shadow of the man (whose “beastly” appearance highlights the gun hidden behind his back that gives shape to his hand): everything points to the obvious negativity of existence. The object in the foreground, the gun, is the real protagonist of the “Story”.