Dualità fra bianco e nero, bene e male, bello e brutto.
Double Identity
2 March 2023



Brizzo foto profilo

Inspired by everlasting freshness and beauty, as a counter altar to all that is negative, Venus, after February 24th, is the delicate response of a new story dedicated to rebirth. An explosion of colors and floral motifs frame the face drawn with the artist’s recognizable technique, which enhances its unique features through subtraction: an identity that imposes itself, even though it is only hinted at in the details. As in the wave woodcuts of Japanese art, the gaze is nourished by Harmony and Beauty, triumphant in the unstoppable force of Nature.

Material and technique
Parchment paper applied on wood. China and pantones.

diameter: 30cm

Year 2022

Single piece

Made in Italy

Note about the artist:

Brizzo was born in Copertino (Le) in 1978 and lives in Lecce. His work was born with a stroke of lightning: in high school, the encounter with an abstract watercolor by Kandynsky (1913 composition). From that moment it is a choice of life; the first impact of the vision that immediately stimulates a desire: to understand why. Over time, he moves away from traditional art, breaking with guilt, by instinct for recognisability. He develops a personal figurative language that refers to complex metaphysical enigmas.“We need to get out of the trap, avoid copying, but repropose and recreate”. The idea becomes his first subject on oil canvas, the reproduction of a portrait photo of a bicycle leaning on a bridge, on a Dutch canal. The lines attract him, supporting structures of what is no longer the image, but the mental perception that one has of it. It’s not a realistic reproduction, but a new use of colors, a different vision. His idea of ​​art comes from a personal pessimism, Woody Allen reminds us and is not based on pre-established canons. Everything is consciously reproduced in its opposite, differently from how it is. Artistic maturity is linked to a retro period made up of lines that give shape to his most intimate thoughts.

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